about us

Birol Cay came up with the idea of developing his own palm oil-free spread because his children regularly consumed chocolate spreads for breeakfast. That is one of the reasons why he took a closer look at the ingredients list.

Since the subject of "palm oil-free nutrition" was of great importance because of the negative reports about the disadvantages of this ingredient in food, he determined after a detailed market analysis that no product met the desired requirements in terms of taste experience, quality, ingredients and ultimately the price.

He decided to do it better than the regular spreads. With 25 years of experience in the food industry, in 2018 he developed the "Cay Gourmet Hazelnutmilk Cream" - free of genetic engineering, colorants and preservatives, gluten and palm oil. Trees are felled for palm oil. Hundreds of animal species are robbed of their habitat. Not to mention the climate-damaging and health consequences for humanity.

The Cay Gourmet hazelnut creams are produced under high standards in the Turkish Black Sea region, the home of the hazelnut. The hazelnut kernels that are used for the delicious spreads grow on site, are freshly roasted and processed.

The family business is in constant contact with its producer. Through the selection of high-quality and selected ingredients, the company attaches great importance to the consistently high quality of the products, which is clearly reflected in the unmistakable flavors of the hazelnut creams.